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Current Projetcs 

The Surveyor of Worlds (feature) 

Imagine, more than a 100 million players, connected on a network, all focused on bringing about the end of our civilization... the end of our universe.   

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The Cult (feature)

A teenager escapes the guru of a cult whose members believe that demons of a parallel world have managed to infiltrate ours.   

Gospel (feature)

Revisits the Gospels in the Delta of Mississippi in the late 20’s.   

The Seventh Sacrifice (feature)

A thriller in the heyday of the Moulin Rouge, revealing the mystery of Jack the Ripper.

Heaven’s Files (TV show) 

An archangel, sent on Earth, to re-learn his role as an angel, is given a mission in order to return to Heaven.     

7 Seasons of Evil (TV show) 

The devil, incarnated into a human being, explores the seven deadly sins to investigate the souls of men with whom he shares the same path: birth, life and death.